Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Last Christmas in Hong Kong

This Christmas is a very special one because it is the last one I will probably be celebrating in Hong Kong. A year from now, I really have no idea where and what I will be doing, which kinda excites me in some strange way as I love the surprises of life that brings you at every corner you take. I am scheduled to relocate to Singapore by next year March 2010 and hence it's personally a very special celebration for me coming to the end of this year. I have been in Hong Kong for 3 years now and it has been an awesome ride. I love Hong Kong and it is true to that she is certainly the oriental version of New York City. A city that never sleeps.
I'm excited to move to Singapore because of my friends and family but the idea of going back home is just simply brain numbing and an island that is so small and familiar just makes me cringe. I hope it's just a quick stop-over for me and that I will eventually move on to other places. Back to my Christmas party. Christmas eve dinner was alright. Nothing fantastic. It's so expensive to have a nice Christmas dinner in Hong Kong. Generally the standard of living in Hong Kong is on the high side and to have a nice sumptuous Christmas dinner in a 5 star hotel will probably cost you close to 200 USD. So we opt-ed for something a little more economical at the Grand Hyatt and of course, you pay for what you get. The food was mediocre and the mood was just old and rather depressing. Overall, it was still a nice dinner because I had it with a bunch of good friends. After that we headed to a semi roof-top bar in Wanchai  called Habitat and we opened a couple bottles of bubblies and called it a night. It was certainly very civilized. No hangovers the next day which was rather fantastic. 
On Christmas day, it felt like a Chinese New Year for me. Did "Spring Cleaning" right dead in the middle of winter in HK and basically got ready for my guests to rock up at my apartment. The theme of the night was "MAD HATTERS MEETS STEVIE WONDER!". Almost everyone came with their funky glasses and crazy hats! I applaud people who understand dress codes to a party.
So the partay was excellent, food was awesome, people at the party was lovely. What else can I ask for? It was an early night to end the party but we were all pretty smashed from drinking way too early to begin with and slowly one by one, guest started staggering out of my apartment desperately lookin' for their bed and the nearest bathroom! I'm gonna miss my beautiful party pad in HK. Me and Bee's creation…awww.. the result of esthetic and functionality. So from now till I leave HK, I will try to have as many house parties possible in the next 3 months so that I can capture our apartment in the most celebratory moments!

Till then, next up: NYE 2009 celebration. Stay tuned. 

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