Sunday, January 10, 2010

2010 - Space Year

When 2009 left and came 2010, it felt like I had entered a sci-fi era, that I will step out of my house and I will see an exact scene of Star Wars or Fifth Element where traffic is suspended in mid-air and
tubes running through buildings, greeted by robots and me in my ultra chic Star War's outfit.
Oh well, unfortunately or rather fortunately everything is still the same except I had an absolutely crazy New Year's Eve Celebration.
The evening started with me getting ready and rushing out with B to meet a group of mates at a Teppanyaki place called "Tekan" in Wanchai. We decided that we had enough of over-priced buffets at such time of the year and we opted for Japanese Teppan.
The food was really yummy and of course Japanese food never goes without Sake. I love Sake. It taste like yummy water and makes you happy without a heavy price to pay the next day aka hangover.
After we had god knows how many bottles of Sake, we stumbled our way to Habitat to join Adrian and his mates for his birthday celebration as an annual ritual and NYE countdown. Thank goodness we made it 5 mins before the New Year!

Of course, the night went on with heaps of drinking and photos taking and it came to a point we were just having a great time groovin', acting spastic and more drinkin'. It was 3am morning when someone decided that we should move on to the next club and the bunch of us all headed down to Mint to meet our mates and viola! Mint decided that because it's 3am in the morning and it's NYD, entrance fee for each pax should be 400HKD!?! So we gave it a pass and headed back to my place bringing a lot more people over ( at one point I think we had like 15 people in the house?) and continued drinking and dancing! I made a video of our celebration and I will probably try to do a mood board instead of trying to load it up as it's pretty heavy and I don't intend to jam up my blog.
I think we all ended partayin' till 6am in the morning before I managed to roll into bed at 7.
What a fun and awesome night! Thanks to all the lovely people that I'd spent my NYE with in HK, it wouldn't be fun without you crazy bunch!
Now 2010 is the space year, the year of the TIGER, the year that I am relocating back to Singapore and the year that I will visit South Africa and Melbourne. In the next few months, my life is going to be crazy busy as well as extremely exciting. Starting off my mom and bro will be visiting me in HK next week and then I will travel to Bangkok for work for a couple of days.
After which, me and B will go to South Africa for a nice getaway for 5 - 6 days and followed by 12 days in Cape Town for a TV commercial filming ( i'm really excited about this as going to South Africa has ALWAYS been one of the things in my must-do list). Once i'm back in Hong Kong, I will rest for a week and then I am heading to Melbourne! Very excited about this as well because B's company is hosting an Indian Film Festival in Melbourne ( Go visit: "Bollywood and Beyond" ) in March and both of us will be there to attend the event as well as to catch up with families and some very good old friends...
After perhaps a week in Melbourne, I will fly straight to Singapore and that's that.
HELLO Singapore, GOODBYE Hong Kong. God, am I going to miss Hong Kong or what? It's truly one of my favorite city besides of course New York.
I am very excited about 2010 because there's so much happening. But hey perhaps my next blog should be a reflection of 2009 and the new list of achievements for 2010.

Peace to the middleeast ( b, it's not yours! Sorry inside joke)

Tekan - A really good Teppanyaki place in Wanchai

The crazy bunch in Habitat in Wanchai

Counting down!

Awww...such a romantic moment

Spontaneous NYD house party

Guys, the chicken dance is so 2009.

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