Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Virgin

This is my first blog. My first blog in my entire thirty years of my life. Why now? Why start? Well, I guess I had always wanted to do it but it's like one of those things that you keep thinking about it but you end up brushing it off because you always have something more important or urgent to attend to. I was mainly inspired by the film 'Julie and Julia', which I caught in the plane while traveling to Singapore two weeks ago from Hong Kong to attend two good friends' (Brell & Yoggi) wedding. It wasn't D'best film ever but it certainly influenced me. 

Then again, it's not exactly the best time to write a blog at the moment because it's end of the year and I've been doing some serious traveling and work is and will always be busy, like crazy busy. But you know what, I'm not letting work to be in the way for not able to start this blog. This will be my personal playground to introduce exciting discoveries, to reveal longings, to jot down memorable moments, to share my fashion, music and many more other forms of addictions, to blog about my two lovely cats (oh trust me, I ADORE dogs!!! I know I am a sell out for going with cats but oh well...the truth is cats are more suited for busy people like me and they grow on you! They do!) and of course my family and my gorgeous man in my life. It's the end of 2009 and it's the beginning of my very own playground which is all about me, myself and Maggie! Weee!

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