Thursday, December 16, 2010

My latest obsession with Celine Luggage Tote!!!!!

Dear Santa,

I promise to be a real good girl as long as you get me any of these Celine Luggage Tote!!!! PLUUUEASE!!! It's completely sold out in Singapore!! Someone tell me if I can get this in Paris!?!

Yours Truly
Bag sick and bag stricken
I really want this BAD...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

18.09.10: Konichiwa Bitches!!! I AM ENGAGED!!!!

What can I say? This man that I am totally in love with is the sweetest man I've ever met in my life and needless to say, he did a crazy, out of the world and most importantly memorable and meaningful proposal that left me breathless, teary and light-headed.

15.09.10 - The Lie
My best friend lena who works for Style Magazine as a fashion stylist and writer told me that Style Magazine was looking for TV host for Style wedding and Style fashion TV. She felt that I was a good candidate and asked me if I am interested to audition for it.
That very moment I said yes, I fell deep into her trap.

18.09.10 - The Audition
I rocked up at CineRay Production and met up with the casting director as well as the crew and waited patiently with Lena, Is and Elaine for my turn. Everything felt right and good.
Came my turn, I went into the studio, read the script and thought who wrote such bad scripts...???

Check this out "Fashion fades, style is eternal..I'm outta here, Konichiwa Bitches" and was instructed to say it with attitude and Z-snaps?? And did like 5 takes of that??? Am I stupid not to even smell something fishy here.. ney.. I did exactly what I was told only because I was PROFESSIONAL...or maybe retarded.
After a long series of self-introduction, bad acting and numerous stumbles while reading my scripts and completely making a fool of myself..I was asked to start my Style Wedding audition where I was suppose to be a little more calm, cool and collected. Composed I was and struggling very hard to read off the teleprompter and pretending to look completely natural (yes of course, I am such a natural which is why I am a TV producer and not a model or actress..) and then of course having so much going on in my head, I lost the plot and was clueless of what I was reading at that point and then the moment I read off the prompter "and's my turn.." the studio door swung wide open and my heart stopped..literally..I felt nauseating and I almost couldn't feel my feet or my knees.. there at the door was my bubu -Bee. He walked towards me and went down on his knees and asked for my hand.. at that moment I felt like I was starring in "Inception",  I needed to spin the totem, I needed to know that all these was nothing but just a silly dream. But no... it's REAL. And of course the most romantic thing that came out of my mouth was " What the fuck are you doing here..." great isn't it? Me and my foul mouth..
And then slowly I started to figure out that none of this was real, except the proposal. This whole thing was a setup! And the moment I said "YES!"..I heard Champagne popped and screams and yelling and party poppers went off and I then realised that my family and friends were waiting in the next studio all these while watching my entire audition from a monitor, laughing their lungs out thinking what a TWAT she is! Nevertheless, it is not just another episode of MTV Punked! He later on explained that has thoughtfully and creatively made this engagement an audition only because we first met in an audition for a Bollywood film and I was the casting person and he was there for the audition. So that's really sweet and creative!

Finally, I was in tears..tears of joy, tears of surprise, shock and happiness..I AM ENGAGED, finally bitches and the man has given me the loveliest and biggest rock I would never expect. He is truly the most amazing person and the only person that will make me feel this way ever, he is my fiance - Bee. I love him truly and I can't wait to be MARRIED.

"Me and You, Just Us Two"  


Me trying very hard.... I need to burn that casting video!

My evil friends having a ball laughing at my lovely audition in the other studio

Look on my face...PRICELESS

Yes finally I teared after learning that I am not going to get that hosting job or famous..sigh*


Us and the conspirators*

Me and my prince charming aka fiance*

London 3 weeks hoy hoy!

I am terrible at keeping a diary. Went to London for 3 weeks in August and now it's already November and so much has happened that I need to sit down and think back what has happened in the past 4 months and slowly try to put them into chronological order.

So did London 3 weeks for shoot and it was pretty damn amazing. I think what made the trip fun was the people I went with...James, Jit and Andy. I must say I did quite a fair bit in those 3 weeks. Went to my first English Football Match in Manchester and it wasn't just an ordinary match, I was in the VIP box seats!! Proper sit down meal, drinks, meet and greet the footballers or ex-footballers up-close, excellent view,  back to the hall for more beer, what can I ask for?

The match was Leeds Vs Derby and of course under the influence of Vadim, I had to be a Leeds fan, at least I tried :)
The experience was truly unexplainable. You hear the fans chanting and singing their team song, screams and roars of passionate fans, my hair was literally standing, goose-pimples were visible. But for all that, Derby won instead..:(

Manchester surprisingly turned out really fun. Went with the boys for go-karting and that was simply adrenaline pumping. Did quite a fair bit of shopping in London and the weather was just fantastic...
ahhh..Work went well, ate and drank at some of the finest places and met really awesome people.. I heart London. So totally can see myself living there...only if the taxation wasn't that crazy, I would totally live in London for a couple of years!

Lastly I had the privilege of attending Jit's sister  - Bep's hens night and it was ridonkulously funny and fun! Thanks for the invite and I am glad Bep had a good time, at least to me she did! ha!  The trip ended well with me eating roasted duck at four seasons in Chinatown at least four times throughout the entire trip and thanks to June, we managed to watch the musical "Les Miserable", finally. It's about time.

Ciao Ciao London. I will come back for more happy times.
Till then...



Me and James in our formal outfit for the VIP box seats in a football strange... while we see the world pass us by dressed in sports attires or casual outfits..

Go-Karting in Manchester! James, me and Vadim. C-R-A-Z-Y fun! Love it!

And the lovely peeps...

Truly London*

The bride-to-be...

And the mobster themed hen's night...

Monday, August 16, 2010

I am in love with msgm - yummylicous*

Some inspiration on men styling..Simply refreshing! Me luuurve!!

And I am defo getting these Karen Walker's Deep Freeze You-Are-So-Gorgeous Shades!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

sing, sing, singapore!

It is officially 4 months and going. I have finally settled into Singapore and so much has been done and I must say it's really not an easy to task to do this all on your own. So far so good, I'm truly proud of myself, of course not forgetting heaps of help from families and friends! :)

House warming 2010....and you know it's bad when the karaoke set is out! 

It was not easy coming back to Singers as it's contrive, small, hot, muggy and all too familiar but now I'm quite happy as I have a routine. Feeling more settled down. I am going for my Power Plate classes, Singing classes with Steven Francis and playing the piano again. I have been neglecting my guitar only because work has been ridiculously crazy that I really don't have much time to think about anything else.
Everything seems so perfect except that Bee is not here with me and there is really no words to describe at times and pretty often how hard it feels to be so far away from each other and not able to hold hands and do the normal couple-y type of activities that we used to share in Hong Kong. It truly sucks. I hate long distance relationship and once again, I am in it. 

I am missing Hong Kong so much. Sometimes I do wonder if I did make the right choice to return home to Singapore. But I guess every time I am able to see my parents over the weekend to have a meal with them, I  understand fully why I am back. So be it, I will grow to love my own country again..slowly but surely. 

Oh yes, besides the mundane stuff that really bores the @#@! hell outta me, I appeared in STYLE magazine twice since I came back and of course thanks for my buddy Kamarudin, she made me famous  in my small little village. It was fun and totally unexpected. Love it. Totally will shoot for Vogue, Harpers and W... (ya right kidding! She will kill me if I do that. I'm totally Style's bitch at the moment. 

Me getting my hair and make-up done* Feel totally like a model..NOT! Ha!

Ready for my next pose*

*Hated the shots selected. Was probably the ugliest few they took :(  Oh well.. I learnt not just to say it's ok. It's not. 

Well at least the next big blog I am putting up will be my one month trip to London for two commercial shoots and I am very much dreading and looking forward to at the same time. It has been hell July just prepping for 2 shoots at the same time back to back! The only consolation is that it's London and I can go crazy shopping. Other than that, I am definitely looking forward going to Milan with my BFF Lena to Milan Fashion Week in September! I can't WAIT! At least I can cross this off  my "10,000 Things to do before you die " list and move on with another. This will keep me excited and adrenaline pumping for the next one month. Me and Bee are planning to also take 2 weeks off to go Italy for a romantic getaway! Hopefully Bee's ruptured disc will be recovered by then! 

So stay tuned and London will be next! Count Down 10 days to London..Weeeeeee! 


Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Sunday Brunch Look*'s actually after my shoot with Style fun! weeeeee

Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Chapter. New Begining

Alright it's like the Jamie Fox's number "Blame it on the al al..alcohol..." I'm going to blame it on not having enough time in the world as a lame excuse for not blogging for the longest time. Yes, time isn't really my buddy at the moment. So much has happened, so quickly and sudden. Since the last South Africa trip, I had gone back home to Hong Kong to pack up my three and a half years of my life into a suitcase within a week to whizz off to Melbourne to attend Bee's Bollywood and Beyond Film Festival.

That was the end of Hong Kong. The awesome adventure of Hong Kong ended with a bitter sweet note. 
I love Hong Kong, it's an amazing city! Met so many fabulous people, made so many lovely friends, had so many crazy stories and incidents.
It's the country that I bought my first apartment together with Bee. Had my first toy poodle puppy "Hammer"  who passed away in 6 days upon purchase; my first adoption of 2 lovely cats "Salaami" and "Mustard" (which btw are also re-located to Singers!); Sat in an ambulance, got myself stitched up, hospitalized for operation to remove my cysts, oh and I saw Jude law in the airport and Josh Harnett in Sheung Wan filming...ahhh... Within three and a half years, I had done 3 weeks to Paris, Spain, London in 2008, 3 weeks in NY, Minneapolis, Las Vegas and San Francisco in 2009 and probably 50 times to Bangkok, 10 times to Singapore, 1 time to South Africa and a few times to China and Taipei! . So yeah, that should pretty much sum up my stay in Hong Kong. I love this city and it's a pity that I'm leaving. 

So, we headed for the film festival in Melbourne and boy! it was such an awesome trip! It was kinda a walk down memory lane catching up with all my lucky friends who are still in Melbourne. 
The trip was very hasty, crazy and surreal. Sometimes, it still surprises me that I actually sat down and had dinner and chat with one of the biggest Bollywood actress Rani Mukherjee. Such a lovely, smart and beautiful lady. Her god those eyes.. you can just stare at them forever. They are what Stephanie Meyer would described Edward Cullen's set of eyes - Mesmerizing, seductively dangerous.

I am extremely proud of Bee and Mitu for making this film festival such a success.  Standing ovation to these two for doing such a great job with Mind Blowing Film.

Other than the film festival, as said caught up with very close friends and had a good time just talking shit, drinking my fav. aussie beer " Bees Sneeze" or the trendy "Little Creatures" that I got introduced by Brandon. It was absolutely delightful. Everyday was just a beautiful day. But as you know good things don't really last so of course my trip ended faster than I expected and next moment I had to bid farewell and drag my heavy heart and feet back to Singapore. It's quite a shocker to go to Singapore coming from South Africa and Melbourne... It's like a very bad reality check.

My new favourite beer Little Creatures after Bee Sneeze*

So here i'm in Singers staying in a swanky apartment in Orchard for a month to look for my apartment. 
And of course being as efficient as I can be, I managed to get myself an apartment just within the last week of the month and to top it off, I bought my first car "Mike". I fell in love with it when I saw the photo on the website. With my budget and taste, I wanted something different. Something screams "GANGSTA". So I got myself a 22 years old 520I Beemer. I called it "Mike" because I was thinking of giving it a name and then James gave me the idea of Mike the big blue Furry Monster from Monster's Inc.

More to come..stay tuned...