Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Year Resolution - 2010*

My New Year Resolutions. I have never kept new year resolutions growing up because I never seem to fulfill them, hence never appreciate the purpose of it, but in the recent years, new year resolutions have become a ritual, an annual must-do list, something that now seems close to my heart when it felt nothing a few years back. As I grow older, I have become a little more aware of the fact that I can make a list of things that I want for the year and make it happen. Meeting Bee has changed my perception of NYR and I discovered that everything in the world is actually possible because of him. So I thank him for that.
Before I start my list of NYR, I would like to quickly sneak in a few random things that I would like to share with ya'll. 

My first buy for 2010. Isn't it a beauty? Me heart this a million times!

Got these cool magic markers with a cup for Kris Kringle 2009. See what you can do with a cup and some ink? 

Love these colour magic pens that you can use on your tea cup. Throw it in the oven and viola!  You have a personalized tea cup and it's water-proof!

Home-made HUMBURGER & Korean Bul-gogi 

Some of my dinner recipes: Home-made burger with hand cut chips and Korean Bul-gogi with Onsen Tamgago Rice Bowl

Alright now back to serious business. NYR 2010. What do I want to do this year? Hmmm... 
Me and Bee normally break it down into categories. So let's follow the tradition and start off with:


Health 2010
* I really want to do Pilates. I am currently into Power Plates in HK but once I move to Singapore I should look for a Pilates Studio. 
* Dance class. I might want to look into Bollywood dancing class. Hey don't laugh. I am in love with the Bollywood dance and classical indian dance. If I have the time, I will take up Bollywood dance class! 

Travel 2010
*Am going to South Africa next month so at least one of my "Places To Visit Before You Die" has been fulfilled this year. Can't WAIT! 
*Melbourne in March attending Bee's first IFF 2010. This is something I am so looking forward to. Cant wait to catch up with all my friends and re-live my lovely days in Melb.
*Move to Singapore in March. 
*Hopefully I can do Bali when I move to SG. 
*Italy. I know I'm pushing it but hey, there is nothing wrong with aiming far and high isn't it? 

Education 2010
*When I move to SG, I will go further pursue my guitar lessons. Hopefully by end of 2010, I can play more than a birthday tune. 
* Further on, I hope to join a band to jam and play some music during my free time. 
* Vocal Jazz. This is must. When I get back I will go re-unite with the team from Jazz at Southbridge to polish up my Jazz singing..Wooopppieeee. 
* If I still have time, love to re-take my bike license and be able to ride a bike by end 2010. 

Work 2010
* I will be still doing what I am best at doing, producing and will hopefully be producing more award-winning commercials and less boring and mundane work. 

Charity 2010
*Will probably continue my sponsorship program with WorldVision and hopefully I can organize with Bee on my birthday another Charity birthday event that I can collect some money to either help with building a school somewhere or save some lives. 
*If there is an opportunity, would love to go with Bee to help out in a children's home in Cape Town when we are visiting. 

Materials 2010
* I want a car when i go home. I miss driving and it will be excellent if I can get myself my first car. 
* Hopefully after buying a car, I can still buy a beautiful Alexa Chung Mulberry bag and perhaps my dream watch, the Cartier Santos X-Large Men's. 

Personal 2010
* Since I will be moving back to SG, I will try to spend more time with family.
* And always on the look out for business opportunities! 

That's all for now. Stay tuned. 

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