Tuesday, November 2, 2010

London 3 weeks hoy hoy!

I am terrible at keeping a diary. Went to London for 3 weeks in August and now it's already November and so much has happened that I need to sit down and think back what has happened in the past 4 months and slowly try to put them into chronological order.

So did London 3 weeks for shoot and it was pretty damn amazing. I think what made the trip fun was the people I went with...James, Jit and Andy. I must say I did quite a fair bit in those 3 weeks. Went to my first English Football Match in Manchester and it wasn't just an ordinary match, I was in the VIP box seats!! Proper sit down meal, drinks, meet and greet the footballers or ex-footballers up-close, excellent view,  back to the hall for more beer, what can I ask for?

The match was Leeds Vs Derby and of course under the influence of Vadim, I had to be a Leeds fan, at least I tried :)
The experience was truly unexplainable. You hear the fans chanting and singing their team song, screams and roars of passionate fans, my hair was literally standing, goose-pimples were visible. But for all that, Derby won instead..:(

Manchester surprisingly turned out really fun. Went with the boys for go-karting and that was simply adrenaline pumping. Did quite a fair bit of shopping in London and the weather was just fantastic...
ahhh..Work went well, ate and drank at some of the finest places and met really awesome people.. I heart London. So totally can see myself living there...only if the taxation wasn't that crazy, I would totally live in London for a couple of years!

Lastly I had the privilege of attending Jit's sister  - Bep's hens night and it was ridonkulously funny and fun! Thanks for the invite and I am glad Bep had a good time, at least to me she did! ha!  The trip ended well with me eating roasted duck at four seasons in Chinatown at least four times throughout the entire trip and thanks to June, we managed to watch the musical "Les Miserable", finally. It's about time.

Ciao Ciao London. I will come back for more happy times.
Till then...



Me and James in our formal outfit for the VIP box seats in a football match..how strange... while we see the world pass us by dressed in sports attires or casual outfits..

Go-Karting in Manchester! James, me and Vadim. C-R-A-Z-Y fun! Love it!

And the lovely peeps...

Truly London*

The bride-to-be...

And the mobster themed hen's night...

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