Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Chapter. New Begining

Alright it's like the Jamie Fox's number "Blame it on the al al..alcohol..." I'm going to blame it on not having enough time in the world as a lame excuse for not blogging for the longest time. Yes, time isn't really my buddy at the moment. So much has happened, so quickly and sudden. Since the last South Africa trip, I had gone back home to Hong Kong to pack up my three and a half years of my life into a suitcase within a week to whizz off to Melbourne to attend Bee's Bollywood and Beyond Film Festival.

That was the end of Hong Kong. The awesome adventure of Hong Kong ended with a bitter sweet note. 
I love Hong Kong, it's an amazing city! Met so many fabulous people, made so many lovely friends, had so many crazy stories and incidents.
It's the country that I bought my first apartment together with Bee. Had my first toy poodle puppy "Hammer"  who passed away in 6 days upon purchase; my first adoption of 2 lovely cats "Salaami" and "Mustard" (which btw are also re-located to Singers!); Sat in an ambulance, got myself stitched up, hospitalized for operation to remove my cysts, oh and I saw Jude law in the airport and Josh Harnett in Sheung Wan filming...ahhh... Within three and a half years, I had done 3 weeks to Paris, Spain, London in 2008, 3 weeks in NY, Minneapolis, Las Vegas and San Francisco in 2009 and probably 50 times to Bangkok, 10 times to Singapore, 1 time to South Africa and a few times to China and Taipei! . So yeah, that should pretty much sum up my stay in Hong Kong. I love this city and it's a pity that I'm leaving. 

So, we headed for the film festival in Melbourne and boy! it was such an awesome trip! It was kinda a walk down memory lane catching up with all my lucky friends who are still in Melbourne. 
The trip was very hasty, crazy and surreal. Sometimes, it still surprises me that I actually sat down and had dinner and chat with one of the biggest Bollywood actress Rani Mukherjee. Such a lovely, smart and beautiful lady. Her god those eyes.. you can just stare at them forever. They are what Stephanie Meyer would described Edward Cullen's set of eyes - Mesmerizing, seductively dangerous.

I am extremely proud of Bee and Mitu for making this film festival such a success.  Standing ovation to these two for doing such a great job with Mind Blowing Film.

Other than the film festival, as said caught up with very close friends and had a good time just talking shit, drinking my fav. aussie beer " Bees Sneeze" or the trendy "Little Creatures" that I got introduced by Brandon. It was absolutely delightful. Everyday was just a beautiful day. But as you know good things don't really last so of course my trip ended faster than I expected and next moment I had to bid farewell and drag my heavy heart and feet back to Singapore. It's quite a shocker to go to Singapore coming from South Africa and Melbourne... It's like a very bad reality check.

My new favourite beer Little Creatures after Bee Sneeze*

So here i'm in Singers staying in a swanky apartment in Orchard for a month to look for my apartment. 
And of course being as efficient as I can be, I managed to get myself an apartment just within the last week of the month and to top it off, I bought my first car "Mike". I fell in love with it when I saw the photo on the website. With my budget and taste, I wanted something different. Something screams "GANGSTA". So I got myself a 22 years old 520I Beemer. I called it "Mike" because I was thinking of giving it a name and then James gave me the idea of Mike the big blue Furry Monster from Monster's Inc.

More to come..stay tuned...

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